Running through the Shadows: Nifer's Noobs

Mission 01: Song Stealer Run

April 25th Session Part 1: Afterparty

Best way to infiltrate a building: Get Invited to the Afterparty

I had just finished eating and was on my fifth beer when my commlink went off, it was a job offer, I’d get the time and location for 1k nuyen. I said yes as I poured my beer in Winston’s water bowl not having time to finish it now, besides it was empty. He snorted and came running lapping it up and I opened the window to the fire escape. I yelled out the usual as I shoved my gear into a bag and got in my truck. Back before dawn for him, back alive hopefully for me. I hadn’t even actually got the job yet and the expenses already where stacking. Typical.

I got to the place, Club Infinity, and I wondered why I had never heard of it until I saw it. Clean exterior, long line. Drones flashing off lights from flashes taking pictures of pseudo and would be celebrities… or at least gave them the impression they were important. Great. For one thing the message said dress the part. I came dressed to kill, not figuratively in high fashion stylish clothes like these people. I came dress to kill literally in an armored jacket, street clothes and heavy boots even brought my own body bags for good measure. Looking through the crowd there was no way I was going to pass for one of the half naked humans in their high fashion… I think I spotted one woman in what looked like a stream of water moving around her body but not see through. What the deuce, what type of idiot takes the time to put on something like that? I guess dresses where too old fashioned and out of style. I never understood fashion. This is just another reason why. They should just walk around butt naked really, tell everyone clothes were too mainstream and get it over with.

I made my way around to the side to see if I could get in from the back, slip some guy a few creds while on his smoke break. No one. I started banging on the door till some security guards came by from up front. Not the way I was hoping they’d come from but I explained what I needed anyway which was to get in but me putting on a monkey suit wasn’t happening tonight. They told me to move along or come back when I was wearing something appropriate.
I tried to explain really but they didn’t get it. I asked about how much something like what they were wearing cost. Cheeky bastards went all high and mighty on me and turned their noses up. Probably was issued and they had no idea. Nitwits. I was too cheap to go off to get a suit last minute. They really should sell a flats version. I could have smack the two humans heads together since they were bulky for humans… nah even if I found a masterful seamstress to jury rig a suit it’d still be too small and would probably rip off of me. Plus they were probably packing and someone would see… someone always sees. I did follow their advice and go up front and explained to the bouncers the guys on the side said I could get in as is. An eyebrow was raised.

I eventually started explaining I know about my clothes, that I wouldn’t cause much trouble, and I needed in. Do to my masterful social skills I don’t think they paid my promise much thought. The 40 nuyen for the cover plus getting them drinks seemed to sound good enough though. I looked at the size of the drinks and the amount of alcohol considering the price. The two bouncers were trolls I didn’t want to be remembered as the guy who got them a glass a water with the scent of alcohol. I might run the shadows and do some illegal things from time to time but there was money to be made in a place like this considering the level of effort. I had the bartender double the alcohol and doubled the cost he told me for the drinks, I had him toss the garnish too, you drink to get blitzed not talk about ‘how pretty your drink is’. I asked where Elf Chika was and he smirked and jerked his head to the far end of the bar where everyone was packed.

The club was pretty packed as was the bar, a lot of people getting drinks and getting shoved out of the way by the thirsty. I kind of liked that about the place since that at least made sense. Elf Chicka was a female elf bartender putting on a show of serving drinks. Not really my thing unless it got the beer mug in my hand quicker. People were darting in and out trying to get her attention to either order a drink or flirt. I got her attention and asked about a guy she knew. I told her he said she’d know where to point me for the meeting. She shrugged saying she knew a lot of people going by the name Mr. Johnson. Typical. Everyone’s a bit forgetful until you pay them. I put 20 credits on the bar and said she looked thirsty and maybe I could buy her a drink. Considering my appearance I explained I could always just sit at her bar all night and stare at her so she could see my lovely mug for the rest of her shift.

Between my people skills, money, and threat of staring at me for the next several hours she poured me some skunk beer on tap and handed to me. I explained I just needed pointed in the right direction and she leaned in tell me where to go. I asked if I could keep the beer and she rolled her eyes. She explained no one would spend that small amount on a drink in a place like this so consider it a treat she told me in my ear where to go. Twenty nuyen for a skunk beer wasn’t a treat. After tasting it I figure I could have gotten a keg for that much. I wasn’t putting it down though. Never could leave a pint behind. Wasteful really.

It was hard to move around the crowd as they danced or moved about so I just took of sip of my beer put a hand on top and plowed through the crowd. I think I knocked down a few people when I looked by, could of sworn some people we looking at me that looked somewhat familiar. Did care, had beer, going to job meeting, no time. I turned back around and looked around, was I suppose to go left or right. I remembered and banged on the door. When it was cracked open an ork looked me up and down as I drank beer. “Here to see Johnson mate.” I said with a nod. The door slide open just enough for me to slide in sideways, had to suck in my gut a bit too.

I walked down the corridor eventually coming to a room with an ork in a suit drinking scotch and playing on his commlink. I looked around and saw the white noise generator on the table as I sat down directly across from him. I was about to put my empty beer mug down and I looked at the table. It looked a lot like real wood. After passing a hand over it and giving it a knock I figured out it was real wood. I looked at the condensation on the outside of my empty beer mug. I already had one bill no need to have a suit blubberin about how I jacked up his table.

A few more people came in and I figured they were probably the people I noticed, only one way in
here. I was a bit bored until he told us the job. His boss had something stolen, the primary thing of interest was an optical compact disc, the old school kind. And the data on it. We needed to find the disc, the data, burn any copies of the data and get it back to him, he also wanted us to find out who the seller was. The reward of 10K for the group seemed kind of lowball personally but I wasn’t about to open my mouth, no people skills. One of the elves spoke up and went for 50K. If I had been drinking I’d probably had spit beer up. The Johnson didn’t agree but he did raise the reward, more counter offers were shot about and it settled at 19K better than 10 I guess. I asked once money was finalized how he wanted the item and data back and he slide us a card of how to contact him.

People started talking to contacts once he left Dusty found out there was a bit of a buzz about Nabu finding some super hot music that he was going to buy and was bragging to anyone that would listen about it. I raised an ear. I’m not one for knowing the on goings of the music industry but there isn’t an ork even the deaf ones who haven’t heard of his music. I called up Ronisha to see what I could find out about the guy that was selling it. Offer of money for information got the response of a lap dance. She was a stripper. I told the group I had to hunt down a lead and left. Probably should have gotten someone’s number in hindsight. Wasn’t really thinking with my head at the time, besides how often do you have to say you need to get a lap dance to do your job?

Ronisha was at work and looked as good as ever, some tribal costume and light up primal tattoos in the dark club didn’t make her stand out, being almost a foot taller than me (high heels), with a naturally muscular body, nice curves, predatory eyes, and an almost animalistic primal intensity about her made her stand out. That and she towered over anyone who wasn’t a male troll. And everyone liked it. Back in the early 2000s they were known as Amazon Warriors. Tall, violent, beautiful monsters, I’d let her kick my ass anytime. Sometimes she didn’t make me pay for it. As I walked up she shoved some guy in the face that was trying to talking to her and didn’t notice as he went to the floor. She grabbed me by the belt buckle and lead dragged me to the champagne room. It took me a while to remember what I had come there for… jobwise anyway.

Turns out from what Ronisha told me some of the other patrons here were part of Nabu’s crew, mainly troll bodyguards and they were just flapping their gums the same as Nabu about some insanely hot music he was going to get his hands on. It might not be what we were looking for but considering the timing I figure it was definitely a lead. It took me a bit to figure out at first she meant the trolls when she pointed out the bodyguards since I thought she meant the female stripper elfs. I had been drinking a bit, she asked if I was serious and I explained I’d slag myself and start laughing if I saw one of those willow the wisps pull a gun and threaten me if I came up on Nabu and his crew. I dared her to say she wouldn’t as we watched one of the elf strippers on the bodyguards. They were all trolls. I made the comment that it hardly seemed fair to the trolls, they’d have to get 10 lap dances just to get one troll sized lap dance due to the size difference. We had a good laugh. I was pretty blitzed so I asked if she had any ideas on how I could get in good with the bodyguards. She growled and bite my ear since my ideas I came up with didn’t seem like something that would work. She just whispered to me I should just go party with them. I told her I had a job to do though… maybe just one round though… She smirked since she knew me.

A few hours later between shots I figure I should text or call the team and let them know what I had found out. I didn’t know anyone’s number so I called the number Kav had given me for his street doc friend. A while later I got a call from Kav, he seemed a little stressed. I swapped over to my subvocal mic and earbud so I could hold both my drinks and talk over the blaring music. We compared notes on what we found out. I also gave commentary on strippers.

Nabu was definitely getting something that was going to be big he thought. He didn’t have it yet but the deal was going down probably before the concert he was having tomorrow. He was staying at the Iron Horse which was straight up Ork and Troll territory and known as an oasis for its guests which meant people sneaking in became battered meat bags pretty quick. Everyone realized they would probably stand out. I had a way in since I got invited back to the hotel for the after party. Everyone else though wasn’t an ork. Some thought they’d be able to sneak in, I suggested having someone on overwatch outside meant we’d know who the dealer was and how deep he’d be rolling up. I waited for a reply to my message… I had three shots in front of me so I focused on that, had to keep up my cover as another meathead Ork getting blitzed. Sometimes this job is great.


Hoi, Omae, did you really get glazed for ¥1,000 to get the info about a run that’s going to pay ya ¥2,500 (and that was after the +50% faceman negotiated)?

Mission 01: Song Stealer Run

Pretty sure that’s what the bar owner contact (Nifer) said, maybe 100 nuyen would be more realistic though. Final deal was 19K (bargaining: 10,50,15,24,19).

Mission 01: Song Stealer Run

Yeah, ok it was 19k¥ (not 15k¥) so his max profit is 2.166k¥. But if faceman hadn’t turned on enough charm his split of the original 10k¥ would have left him (at best) a ¥666 profit.

Might want to have faceman sweet talk your job offer contacts for a better contract.

Mission 01: Song Stealer Run

Oh, and you should scan the elf bartender’s cleavage (hey, it would have been a crime to not look when she was trying so hard to show) as seen from my fly drone’s camera angle. I can rip ya a copy of my feed, for a few ¥. :)

Mission 01: Song Stealer Run
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