Brack's contact: Samson

Orc Doc Wagon Paramedic


The first time I had a lucid conversation with Samson wasn’t the first time I meet him, it was just the first time we recognized each other and we were both conscious and not bleeding out. The last two mostly pertained to me though. Nice bunch the Doc Wagon Paramedics, if you’re where they can get to you sometimes they’re worth the credits you shell out. The alternative is trying to find an emergency room before you bleed out and that takes a legal SIN, paperwork, a lot more questions. You get the point. After drinking with him for a bit though I didn’t realized how messed up in the head they get, just like any runner, the job doesn’t take a toll it just leaves you damaged.

I was drinking in a dive blue collar bar when the guy next to me just started yammering about messed up his job was, at first I thought it was just another crying ‘look at me I’m a bleeding martyr over here’ line but I was still somber enough to understand… it was pretty disturbing. Seems the medical type take a vow or something to help those injured and in need, only problem is there’s a lot of hurt the world puts on people and with his job he’s only allowed to help the paying customers, even then sometimes the people are so far gone it’s like duct taping flesh onto whatever’s left behind till they get back to a facility for a vat job. Plus the sounds and sights of combat and carnage usually don’t sit well with the medical types, goes against everything they do I guess. Putting patches on the holes in people vs doing the hole making. From what he told me he especially didn’t like dealing with calls involving the paranormal critters or infected. Guess it’s hard to concentrate on your job in an emergency state when they’re still people around you screaming and getting eaten alive… or worse.

We had a bit of an understanding of each other, he would have preferred something a little more focused on saving lives on a nicer scale then trying to pull someone out of the slag in front of the gates to Hell on a daily basis but it was a job he could take a bit of pride in, pay was shite which is kind of normal for any crap job where your life is on the line. Plus when you’re an ork you take what you can get, just cus he could save your life some people are a bit partial to who’s touching them. Guess some people still believe orks sneak into your kids rooms and eat their hearts or something. Didn’t know we could get jobs as the Boogeyman myself. I gave him advice from a combat perspective how to best come in to grab a corpse or injured person without getting yourself fragged, he always made sure to have a bead on where I could go for medpacks, stims, and other such ilk for my line of work. We also had the agreement if I woke up and he had been working on me after the trek hit the rotorblades I’d owe him a drink. I’ve only been out a few creds because of it though.

Brack's contact: Samson

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