Rick "Dusty" Jones

Drone Rigger Cowboy


Rick “Dusty” Jones (Human)
B 2, A 4, R 5/7, S 2, C 2, I 5, L 4, W 3, E 3, Ess 4.5, Init 10/12, IP 1
Condition Monitor boxes (Physical/Stun):
Transys Avalon Commlink Condition Monitor: 11
Armor (Ballistic/Impact): 10/8

Skills: Aeronautics Mechanic 2, Automatics 2, Automotive Mechanic 2, Electronic Warfare 2, Electronics Group 4, Gunnery 3, Locksmith 2, Perception 2, Pilot Aircraft 6, Pilot Anthroform 3, Pilot Ground Craft 4

Knowledge Skills: Cantonese 2, Computer Background 3, English N, Hospital Routes 4, Japanese 2, Local Junkyards 5, Or’Zet 1, Pirate Trid Broadcasts 4, Safe Houses 3, Sci-Fi Sims 3

Qualities: Allergy, Uncommon (Moderate): Gold, Aptitude: Pilot Aircraft, Low Pain Tolerance

Control Rig
Cybereyes (2) with Eye Recording Unit, Flare Compensation, Image Link, Low-Light Vision,
Thermographic Vision
Reaction Enhancers (2)

Armor Duster (Jacket)
Autopicker (1)
Cowboy Boots
Cowboy Hat
GMC Bulldog Step-Van
GMC-Nissan Doberman
GMC-Nissan Doberman
Identity: Jack Daniels with Fake SIN (3), Low Lifestyle
Lockheed Optic-X
Lone Star iBall, Offensive
Maglock Passkey (4)
MCT-Nissan Roto-drone
MCT-Nissan Roto-drone
Shiawase Kanmushi
Shop, Automotive Mechanic
Tool Kit, Automotive Mechanic

Transys Avalon Commlink with Clearsight (4), Command (5), Defense (4), ECCM (5), Electronic
Warfare (4), Encrypt (5), Firewall (5), Maneuver: Pilot Aircraft (4), Maneuver: Pilot Ground Craft (4), Response Upgrade (5), Scan (5), Signal Upgrade (5), Sim Module, Modified for Hot Sim, Stealth (5), System (5), Targeting: Automatics (4), Targeting: Heavy Weapons (4)

[Submachine Guns, DV 6P vs. B, SA/BF/BF-L/FA, RC 3, 20 ©] with Explosive Rounds
x200, Folding Stock, Gas-Vent 2 System, Laser Sight
Unarmed Strike [Unarmed, DV 1S vs. I]


Dusty is the (great) grandson of Arizona Ranchers who came to Seattle when the Treaty of Denver forced his family off their family ranch. He grew up in Tacoma WA as the only son of fairly successful shadowrunners, who encouraged his interest in mechanical and electronic things.

Growing up a skinny white nerd near the “Night of Rage” warehouses (a few blocks from the Crying Wall) he was frequently bullied and made the butt of jokes by Orcs and Trolls. He spent a good part of his youth hiding out from the Ragers in Nybble & Bytes learning the finer points of hardware and software from “Aunt Cassie”. He learned mechanics and rigging from “Ratchet” Malachi who ran the neighborhood repairshop / junkyard.

His parents are retired (that is no longer running, not “Retired” [dead]) and own & run a Texan / Aztlan / Pueblo food resturant (The Tacoma Purple Haze) in Tacoma (S. 25th St. & Jefferson Ave.).

His first run was with his uncle (Spurs) running perimeter security and ECM / ECCM on a run aginst a Salish-Shidhe goverment facility just out of Olympia. Something went wrong with the run (cakewalk, yeah, sure.) and though they retreaved the package for “Mr. Johnson”, his uncle was captured and is serving time in a Salish-Shidhe prison.

Dusty is generally an easy going guy (if a bit socialy awkward), but has very little tolerance for bullies. The ichiban (#1) way to get him to set his feet and become dwarf level stuborn is to try to intimidate him. He also has a few issues with NANs (due to his Grandparents loss, and his uncle’s jail time). One of his goals is to get his uncle out of “that 3rd world hell hole”.

Recently his father told him that he has an older half-brother, from an Ex-lover, both of whom have gone missing in Denver Colorado.

Tall and a bit on the skinny side (6’1" tall (1.87m) & 170# (78kg). Dusty has brown hair, green eyes, and a short goatee and mustache (to try to look cooler). He always wears a cowboy hat, boots, and a duster (armored) in a retro “Urban Cowboy” look (his south-western heritage). His former coke bottle glasses aren’t needed anymore (Cybereyes), so he sports sunglasses.
People don’t laugh or pick on him as much anymore, since he got a pair of GMC – Nissan Doberman drones (w/ their Ingram White Knight, belt fed LMGs) following him around.

Rick "Dusty" Jones

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