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Tall Muscular Female Ork Dancer with curves in all the right places


What can I say about Ronisha, we grew up in the same neighborhood and she was just as doe eyed the first time I saw her at a strip club as I was when the rest of the gangers shoved me over to get a lap dance. We were nervous about the whole thing. Me being more nervous than her I think calmed her a bit and it was the first time she started to tease me. I didn’t mind so much.

We each grew up and filled out, her literally, I can still remember her head butting me when I pointed out her boobs got a lot bigger over a summer and poked her in the boob when we were out drinking. Eighteen year olds guys really should learn some tact. I never judged her and she never judged me, morally we were both a bit detached from our jobs but over the years of her finding out things I couldn’t or me busting heads whenever I was around when she needed it we’ve grown into a muddled relationship, friends with benefits? Me a paying customer for information and sometimes entertainment? I don’t think we’re disillusioned enough to think we’re in love but if things were different who knows. We like hanging around each other and she doesn’t mind me paying her for lap dances. We meet up from time to time, not for anything necessarily like a booty call (only sometimes). Honestly I think she’d just want someone close in bed and to feel safe. Sometimes I just wanted to feel a warm body close by that reminded me I still had a shred of humanity left after a rough job. We never asked or prodding into why we needed to meet up, we’d just be there for each other and provide a little bit of skinship. Kind of a relax, the world is screwed up but right now you’re not totally crazy.

Ronisha liked me was filled with a lot of hate and rage from an early age. I might have put on a lot more muscle then her but don’t let her fool you, I remember helping her with some training a while back for some odd female wrestling events. She’s got the body to put the hurt on people. Sometimes when we would be stumbling about after a long night of drinking and partying we’d talk about things. Grewing up an ork is hard enough for a teenager, the fight I got into with my mom’s boyfriend was proof enough, usually a young teenage boy should be able to knock around a grown man like a rag tall. Sometimes hanging out with Ronisha I got a different perspective on things and being an ork. I had eventually accepted being an ork and people calling you a monster rolled off my thick skin, nothing to nash my tusks over. Being a girl though I guess it’s different having thick skin or tusks was never seen as pretty or glorified as beautiful on the trid.

I remember having to pick her up one time when we were drinking when she fell over to carry her back to her place and she just kept crying, I think we weren’t even twenty yet. It’s odd to carry a girl back and have her crying on your shoulder. Finally setting her down in front of her place having her looked up at me and asking her if I thought she was pretty I did the thick headed male thing. I was honest though, with her makeup all messed up, smelling of vomit from when she was puking , plus the garbage stuck in her hair from when she fell over she wasn’t really looking all that hot. Telling her she looked like shite was how I got her grabbing for my leg and trying to bite me… still have a scar. Wrestling around on the ground I finally stopped laughing and she finally calmed down.

I’m not one for soft words and all that but I told her something she should know. It didn’t matter if other people thought she was beautiful. She was beautiful. It mattered if she felt beautiful. We lived a pretty jacked up life and it was pretty short I thought. If she wasn’t pretty she probably hadn’t been making that much money at work. She admitted she was making decent money but not the best. I sat her down and gave what I would probably call the odded peep talk someone could give a stripper. Somewhere there was an ork father that would be loading a shotgun if he heard me talking about his daughter. The bloke probably didn’t know her though so I was in the clear. As we grew up we got a little more cocky. Well I did. Ronisha did as well but she just became more magnetic, don’t know if it was the whole falling into woman hood or that pep talk and time but she’s turned out brilliantly I think. For a stripper anyway. Granted I can’t walk around half naked, smack someone in the face, and demand money and people like it. I’d get yanked for indecent exposure and robbery. Sometimes I guess it pays to be a girl know how to get what she wants.

For stripper it’s one thing to ooze sensuality. It’s another to leave men and women so confused they just hold up money and let you decide what happens. I can’t laugh too much… Ronisha’s done it to me too.


Brack's contact Ronisha

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