Running through the Shadows: Nifer's Noobs

Mission 01: Song Stealer Run
April 25th Session Part 1: Afterparty
Best way to infiltrate a building: Get Invited to the Afterparty

I had just finished eating and was on my fifth beer when my commlink went off, it was a job offer, I’d get the time and location for 1k nuyen. I said yes as I poured my beer in Winston’s water bowl not having time to finish it now, besides it was empty. He snorted and came running lapping it up and I opened the window to the fire escape. I yelled out the usual as I shoved my gear into a bag and got in my truck. Back before dawn for him, back alive hopefully for me. I hadn’t even actually got the job yet and the expenses already where stacking. Typical.

Barroom Blitz
Off work on a Friday night; Session 0
Where it all started

It was Friday night and I was bored, I had just heated something up flopped onto the couch with three beers, I drink, and started watching the trid while I stuffed my gob. A few hours later I was wondering about heading out for a bit when Winston, my dog, let one rip. “Gawd, Winston!” I roared fanning the air with my eyes tearing up. He might be my dog, and I love the depraved little bastard but Christ I wondered why it smelt like he ate a tear gas canister and part of a corpse. It was possible he had. He half growled and whined on his back already sleeping as one of his back legs kicked, probably got burnt slightly by that toxic emission. I figured that was my cue to get out of the pad for a bit. I opened the window to the fire exit and yelled at him to be back for sun up if he went out.


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