Oi Chumma!

Seattle is a whole ‘nother city after the sun goes down, in the midst of a club with techno music blasting that little black door in the back takes you into a world of cold metal, life or death choices, and promises that you really want to keep even if your job goes sideways. The year is 2072 the world is a place where magic wars against science and the lines are blurred between magic, man, and machine. Augmented reality, the Astral exchange giving and taking the boundaries of what we call reality and devour us before spitting us out, misshapen, torn, abused, broken. In a world were Mercenaries are the normal moving through the shadows and Mega-corporations rival governments constantly trying to get ahead of one another through Machiavellian business practices or other means. Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, and Orks are now commonplace thanks to goblinization, the Awakening, hell even Dragons having talks about trid celebrities and their scandals is gone mainstream.

The system is flawed but keeps most of the populace in check as they blindly follow what the corps tell them living out a peaceful choice less life to die after being used up like any other corp asset. WageSlaves. They wake up in the morning to a neutral but inspiring alarm enjoy their SoyKaf drink and bland breakfast before getting in their eCar or onto the transit either way they’re whisked away to some stall flurescent light job that sucks the life out of them (Some literally actually some chummers tell me). That’s where you come in, the shadowrunners, guns for hire. Your kind litter the streets, often stealing or doing wet-work for Nu-yen, enhanced with the technological marvels brought by the Sixth Age or infused with the arcane mysteries of the Astral. Not aligned to any corporation you walk the line between death and carving out another day in the meager existence you call life. It ain’t clean or pretty but it’s the dirty ugly truth of life. If you don’t get the nuyen you ain’t got a life tomorrow ain’t no body going to be looking for you either except to maybe loot your corpse, nice ‘ware. Dead men don’t have bills though. You’ll be looking down at the ground dead with someone scavenging off your lifeless body.

But you aren’t ready to die just yet, are you chummer? Humanity is spiraling out of control and breaking at the seams, something’s got to kill us and put us out of our misery. But in the mean time there’s thrills to be had and foolish little dumb things to do in the meantime just for a few more nuyen in your pocket.

Running through the Shadows: Nifer's Noobs

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